About Us

Jerry remembers pulling weeds in his mom’s garden as a young boy, but had no idea it would lead to his life-long dream of owning his own business. 
After landscaping their own home and installing their lawn, Jerry realized how much he enjoyed the work. In 1984, he and his wife started with a used pick-up truck, a trailer they assembled and a few hand tools along with big dreams.  Together, they worked evenings and week-ends in addition to their full-time jobs to develop a clientele.  As their business grew, it became evident that Jerry’s talents and hard work were the formula for his dream to become reality. 
As it turned from his part-time work to his full-time passion, he continued to grow it into the current “family business” it is today.  Their grown children have become strong assets of the company, learning the business first hand as they started working with their dad in their teens. Their daughter, Tana started in the field and learned that aspect of the work, then later became Office Manager and handles the bookkeeping.  Their son, Travis has taken on additional responsibility in various areas of the company, working as a Site Superintendent as well as meeting with clients and working in the design stage of the projects.  They plan to continue the business as the next generation becomes part of the workforce.   
The company motto is, “we’ll do each landscape job as though we are doing it at our own home”.  We want our customers to know they have our full attention on their project.  The quality of our workmanship and material reflects in our finished product and withstands the test of time.  Many years after completion, we are proud to drive by previous projects to see them matured and strong.  It is also rewarding to have so many of our clients also become our friends, and to have call backs for many years of repeat business or new projects for them.

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